Oh, hi there.

Tonight I saw a secret American Football show.

Today, I spoke to my father for the first time in over seven years. It’s safe to say that it’s been even longer since I’ve seen him in person, but it’s impossible to give an exact figure on when that last was. I don’t say this as an attempt to get pity from friends, acquaintances, or strangers; they are merely the facts of our relationship. 

It’s important to note that I didn’t reach out to my father in an attempt to mend our relationship. After all, I’d done that numerous times when we still talked and it never went very well. Instead, I did so with the hope that we could have a civil conversation about matters relating to our family. Instead, I was told that I had to apologize to him for the life I’m currently leading. This was something I couldn’t abide. 

Our relationship originally dissolved for reasons that aren’t worth getting into here, but to sum them up, it was a general lack of parental support coupled with spats of alcohol-fueled abuse. When he asked for an apology for the past seven years–the ones where I put myself through college, graduated from said college, played countless shows with numerous bands, etc.–I had to tell him no. I asked him for clarification, “So you want me to apologize to you for building a life and being happy?” I was hoping it would help him realize the petty nature of his request, but instead he asked for it again. Again, I declined. Then there was silence. 

"Well, I guess our relationship is over," he said. And then he hung up the phone. 

Until today, I hadn’t spoken to my father in over seven years. Tomorrow, I reset the clock. 

365 for 365: The year of buying a record a day


David Anthony, a writer for The A.V. Club bought a record a day for an entire year, and a lot of our records like Brave Bird,Dowsingfootball, etc.Joie De VivrePenfoldWarren Franklin & the Founding Fathers and the 3rd CYLS 4-Way withDikembe/Hightide Hotel/Jet Set Sail/Monument ended up on this. Amazing idea, btw. Would be really curious what everybody would put on their list. Read David’s entire list here:


Big Smiles, Everyone.: There Is A Disturbance In The Farce


As you may have noticed, my uploaded comics are just pictures of my moleskin notebook(you’ve all seen my sexy thumb).

I don’t have a computer, just a phone. A phone that is out of date and now glitching the heck out.

I learned this when trying to upload a new comic (you should see it, it’s…

Keith rules. Support his comic, even if he didn’t give me a shout-out.


Who was around for The Jazz June? Were they filed under Definitely Emo, or did they crossover to other listeners? I didn’t listen to this sort of stuff when it was big.

I asked the vocalist to sing on the song that became ‘To Your Scattered Bodies Go’ but I think he hated it and it didn’t happen.

I’ll try again with a new song. I think he lives in London now, so I can get Kai to hassle him.

The Medicine is where it’s at.